Thursday, April 7, 2011


1.  Visitors- We had an amazing weekend w/Britt and Dave last month!  They came to support and love on us for a weekend and it meant more than they'll ever understand.  Here are some photos from that weekend.
Wine Walk!!  3rd Saturday of every month...and you can keep the glass! 

downtown on the river

@ Lake Tahoe

Brook and Jason also came to Nevada for a long weekend!  I was, unfortunately, not able to spend too much time w/them since I left for SLC the day after they drove down.  It was nice for Aron to have some friends in town while I was away, though!
Their kids, Ashlyn & Ethan, are so sweet... and apparently strong enough to take me down.

My mom will be out here next weekend and we will be enjoying 60+ degree weather by strolling along Wine Walk yet again.  So much has changed in our apartment since she helped us move in... including this amazing wall art she sent!
2.  Kitchen Accomplishments- So I've been doing a lot of cooking/baking/experimenting since moving here.  It's been so nice to have the KitchenAid mixer and fun gadgets from our wedding!  I had never made lasagna (from scratch) or cheesecake before... so, I did!  Here's the proof:
 Snickers cheesecake: crust, center and glaze ALL made from scratch.  boo-yah!  I was so proud of myself.
 shaved Snickers on top
 love my oven ovals by Rachel Ray... functional AND beautiful
I did lasagna roll-ups instead of the standard lasagna and they were soo delicious!

3.  PC Sniffles- My computer is back in my possession after a long 'bout w/a nasty virus.  I won't tell you the story about how I *think* it caught this virus, but alas, I have it back and I can now share photos once again!!  No more 2 week absences from Blogger!

4.  Dani's Bridal Weekend- I went to SLC last weekend to throw Dani a bridal shower, see her in the last dress fitting w/hair and make-up, and celebrate her with some uber-raunchy bachelorette festivities.  I will post the photos that are appropriate for her fiance and my viewers to see (i.e. no pictures in the wedding dress or penis crown).  I was also able to spend some time with some other people that mean the world to me in SLC.

 'Around the Clock' shower theme
 candy watches as favors!

 off to keys on main for the bachelorette party!  (dani, me, kasia- bridesmaid)

@ The Park Cafe w/lovely ladies and CONNER!

5.  New Roles- Aron and I have been very active in separate (men/women) community groups through our church.  Each of us has been asked to consider taking leadership positions within our groups and we're seriously considering those opportunities.  I also interviewed for a 2nd part time job doing marketing and I'm reeealllly praying that works out.  As much as I love working at Charming Charlie, 15 hours isn't enough to keep me busy and I would love to have additional creative outlets. 

Aron and I are feeling challenged, convicted and driven in our new church and look forward to many possibilities for our future (either here in Reno... or elsewhere).  I'm doing a much better job of being present while we're here and not focusing solely on my next trip back to SLC, or when/where we can move next and how to keep one foot in and one foot out at all times.  God's made it so clear that we were called to Reno for many reasons and maybe I will reveal those things in a later post, but that's all for now.

Much love from Reno!


  1. I'm glad that God's bringing you out of the half-in/half-out mentality, and that you're seeing clear direction for your time there. I hope that you are incredibly blessed as you invest.

  2. love your blog, love your "god-talk" and love you...can't wait to visit next weekend!