Friday, January 28, 2011

the honeymoon post

The last time I blogged I wrote as a Reis.  I'm now a Riddle and am one day away from meeting my husband in Reno!  Today is probably the calm before the storm, thus, my quick blog post.

The professional pictures from the wedding aren't quite done so in the meantime I will update you on our honeymoon! 

We arrived in Antigua to 85 degree temperatures, humidity and lush vegetation ALL around us.  It takes quite a while to get there from the western half of the US but after escaping snow and single digit temps. we sure as heck didn't care.  We stayed at an all-inclusive resort through Sandals and it was honestly the best vacation of our lives.  Our room was a honeymoon suite that walked out to the beach, but we could also use one of the 5 on-site pools, 1 of which had a swim-up bar and pop music bumpin'.  We had a mini bar that was re-stocked each day and I about peed my pants when I saw 5 cans of Diet Coke!  Truly paradise.  There were 10 restaurants onsite (Hibachi-style, Italian, Fine Caribbean fare, British pub, Tex Mex, and more) and we never ate the same meal twice.  Also included was any drink you could think of from one of many bars or restaurants and I drank between 2-5 banana sipsops (fresh banana squeezed into a blender with coconut cream, rum, grenadine, and a splash of milk)/day before Thursday when I found it impossible to take another sip of anything containing alcohol. 

We were entertained with: salsa lessons, snorkeling, scuba, sea kayaking, sailing, ziplining, a couples massage, dancing, a talent show, local beach vendors, the sunshine, and... well, each other.  It's a honeymoon.  Get over it. 

Aron and I had an AMAZING week, but were ready to come home and get a 'move' on with life.  :)  In fact, the movers showed up 8 hours after we got back to Salt Lake.  Many more posts to come from Nevada.

Here are some pictures from the trip.  Enjoy!

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