Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let's Begin Another Decade!

Happy New Year!! 

 This is what happens when I'm alone w/the camera waiting for fiance to arrive!
 To those who were with us on Friday:  my apologies.

Our holiday weekend consisted of friend time, wedding details, more friend time, details, friends, and mas details.  It was so wonderful to have Aron here one last time before the festivities begin!

We're 12 days shy of being wed and I couldn't be more excited right now. I just sent out the weekend timeline to family and out-of-town attendees and will be finishing up our "photo ops" for the photographer and family members tomorrow.  I've also been overcome with thankfulness for our friends who have volunteered their time for wedding coordination/set-up/clean-up next weekend.  So many people have offered their hands and creativity and we would be lost without them. 

Slowly, but surely, we're getting everything crossed off our massive to-do list. 

Shanna, my bff since 2nd grade and Maid of Honor, will be arriving in Salt Lake City on SATURDAY... 5 days from now!!  We always have a magnificent time together, but in the meantime I've put together a prediction of what my 2011 schedule will look like this year:

January- we get married and spend a week in Antigua before moving to Reno for good on the 28th.
February- we head to ID for an open house and make some pit stops in SLC to spend time with friends.  I find a job.
March- we head to LA to visit the Whites (and G MONEY...and ELLEN??)  We host some newlywed (ish) visitors in Reno.
April- trip back to SLC for Dani's shower and some quality friend time!  Weekend trips to Napa, Sacramento, San Fran, and Redwoods begin.
May- hiking and outdoor exploration of the greater Tahoe area.
June- FRIBERG WEDDING!!!  Salt Lake, here we come!
July- warm weather= more visitors... come see us!
August- We host a group of groupies for a long weekend!!!
September- it's my birthday...I want Vegas.  Maybe we can find some friends to meet up with us. 
October- At some point we will be heading to PA for the SIEMINSKI WEDDING... I'm predicting this month.  This is also Aron's birthday month.  hrm... dirty 30.  This is big.
November- Thanksgiving in Reno w/Riddles & Mama! 
December- OH for Christmas w/my dad's family for the first time!

This year is going to be amazing and we are open to as many visitors as humanly possible!  Perhaps we can delay in making friends if all of our friends from UT fill up our time?  :)

Perma-smile has set in...

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