Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Turning The Corner

We're down to 2.5 weeks before Aron and I wed!  I've been a bit anxiety-ridden over the last month with final details, but I caught myself coming out of Wallowing Weepy Way and heading into Happy Hollow yesterday.  It's been way more overwhelming to plan a wedding for 200 (in an empty box) than one would have thought.  Alas, it's coming together and I am SOO elated that I will be a Riddle in 17 days. 

I couldn't have found a better life partner and when we talk about the wedding, we can't help but also talk about the move.  I'm slowly warming up to the thought of living in Reno and here are a few reasons why (this is without knowing very much about Reno at all, so bear with the simplicity of the list):

1.  Our Apartment!
Here is the link to the new pad.  Amenities include:
Putting Green
Tanning Spa
Exclusive Health Club Privileges
Yoga/ Aerobics Studio
Heated Swimming Pool and Spa
Executive Business Center with Copier/ Fax/ Printer
Professional Community Culinary Kitchen
Controlled Access Community
Massage Services
Cardio Center
Dry Sauna
Movie Theater
Social Room with Full Service Café
Private Garages
Incomparable Concierge Services

hmm....I don't know if I should start my day with the free coffee, THEN hit the yoga/workout/sauna situation, or scratch it all and just lay by the heated pool.
ps- We will have a guest bedroom.  Don't be a stranger.

2.  This Guy

Aron and I have so much fun together and I'm looking forward to waking up next to his face and falling asleep with him every night.  He possesses every 'non-negotiable' item I wanted in a spouse, works harder than anyone I know, would help anyone with anything, seriously loves him some Jesus, and loves setting goals for our future with me.  I'm a blessed little gal and I can't wait to get away with him for a while.  I'm sure there will be times when all I want is to get away from him, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves just yet.  ha.

3.   Grocery Stores- Not only will we make all of our alcoholic purchases at the local grocery store, but we can also hit the SLOT MACHINES whenever we choose.  Yes, being 'excited' about this could be a stretch, but it will making shopping fun(ny)/interesting!  I'll at least have an outlet when I'm feeling lucky.

4.  Lake Tahoe- I think this is pretty self-explanatory, but it will be wonderful to take days in the summer and be in the mountains, sun and on the water!  It's SO beautiful and peaceful at Lake Tahoe and I envision a lot of our time being spent up there since we're only about 15 minutes away.  (**Disclaimer**The following pictures are intended to make you so interested in the lake that you can't imagine going anywhere else on your next vacation.  They are not photos that I took; simply photos that I borrowed from Google images.)

5.  Hiking (with our new picnic basket specifically)- ain't she a beaut'???
When I mentally prepare myself for hikes with this basket I think of Aron sweating, carrying a cute (not so practical), heavy picnic basket on one shoulder, all while trying to climb 2,000 feet in elevation.  It will be a blast.  Reno is very similar to the SL Valley in that there are lots of outdoor adventures to be had.  I may need to join this outdoor group for ladies.  Perhaps I will make a friend or two while "lacing up my hiking shoes"? 

Here's a picture of a hike I want attempt next summer:
Pyramid Lake is supposed to be an amazingly breathtaking hike and I plan to find out for myself!

6.  Festivals- There are A LOT of festivals in Reno and some of them look quite necessary to attend while we live in this fine city! 

7.  Road Trippin'- We have goals to see some NFL games in Northern CA, partake in many wine tours, visit OR for the first time, San Fran, Sacramento, and the Redwoods!


  1. I started reading that list of ammenities and thought, "Hot damn! Let's find out when Casa de la Riddle is open for business and if they allow children at that fine establishment."

    Also, I look forward to video you hiking across Pyramid Lake like Jesus. ;)

  2. Heidi!! Casa de la Riddle will be open for business at the end of February and children are MORE than welcome. Seriously, we would love it if you guys visited. :)