Tuesday, December 7, 2010

wonderful weekend in a UT winter wonderland

I have been cherishing weekends in UT when Aron is here.  I recognize that they are dwindling as time winds down, but this one was amazing. 

I started the weekend w/Dani @ La Caille for my company's party and we had a blast!! 

Aron and I had a very successful pre-marital session (soo beneficial- highly recommended for any engaged couples reasing this!!  It's totally changed out relationship) on Saturday morning and spent the rest of the day at Paul & Andrea's.  Erik & Deb McHenry are currently pregnant (she is...he just eats for 2. I hope he reads this) and their couples baby shower was Saturday afternoon.  They have been incredible friends/mentors to us and we would have been lost without them in UT.  I'm pretty sure a lot of other people could say the same.  It was so special to look around and be spending time with some of the most important people in our lives.  I am so happy that we could get together and happily anticipate Conner James' birth!! 

Here are some fun pictures from the shower:


Immediately following the shower, the girls stuck around to get crafty!!  Here are some of my projects from the day (mostly Christmas gifts):

We got a LOT done over the course of the day!  I was pretty proud of myself for having never made my own gifts before (beyond scrapbooking).  I'm totally into the creations of wood.  I may take this up in Reno.  Stay tuned.  :)

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