Friday, December 3, 2010

"Utah, Oh Utah, You Four Letter Word...Your Customs & Rules: Completely Absurd"

...but, I love you and I will miss a lot of things about this damn state.

Here's my list of the things I'll miss the most about Utah:

1.  Mom, Nani and the ability to see Aron's parents in a 2.5 hour drive.  It's been SO wonderful to have our families here for holidays, birthdays, wedding planning, (and obviously everyday things).  I've never had the opportunity to live in the same state as a grandparent before now and I love that she's here with me and mom right now. 

2.  Friends.  Oh, friends.  I was in the car with 2 close friends last night having a very serious conversation and we each looked around and paused realizing that moments like those will be far and few between in the next couple of months.  I look at our line in the wedding and almost everyone there, we met in UT.  God has blessed us the MOST as a couple with our community and the people we are blessed enough to call friends.  We talk about our friends on a daily basis (and yes, I realize they will still be our friends when we leave...but, let me vent.  It's a blog!) and I get so depressed thinking about finding new friends in NV.  I know that we will. I know that because I'm a very social creature and need friends, but the process seems so gruelling.  I'm so excited about SKYPE, though.  I'll be able to see their babies, baby bellies, smiling faces, new clothes, and  facial expressions when I gripe about Aron/NV (just kidding- that will never happen). 

3.  Church.  I've called K2 my church home since I moved out in 2007 and that's where Aron and I met later that year!  We've created an amazing network of 'running partners' and love the leadership, worship and areas that we volunteer.  I will miss my first and second graders SO much.  They teach me wonderful jokes, how to relax and have fun, what they Bible looks/sounds like from their perspective, and allll about patience. ha. 

4.  Food.  I have a long list of my favorite restaurants here, but my favorite rotation includes: The Park Cafe (best.breakfast.ever), Greek Souvlaki, Trio, Em's, Blue Iguana, Crown Burger, and Zupa's. 

5.  Babies!  So, a lot of my friends have babies here, but I spend the most time with these babies and they call me Aunty Mara (since they're avid talkers):

Meet Garrett and David, kids of fellow-bloggers, Andrea & Robyn.  I've felt no need to think about children of my own with all of the babies we get to hang out with! 

6.  Wedding Planning.  Yes, being in NV meeans that I will no longer be wedding planning in UT (for myself).  However, one of my very best friends, Dani, is getting married in June and I'm her MATRON OF HONOR (post for another day).  I feel so very honored, but wish that I could be here every day while she's in prime planning season.  Thankfully, her wedding and the festivities that come before, will provide many reasons for me to come back this spring!!

7.  "Beautiful Mountain Views".  This is an amenity we list for ALL of our apartment complexes here...and for good reason!

8.  My job.  I honestly love going to work everyday.  I have some bad days at work (like everyone else in this world), but they never outweigh the amazing days and fun things I get to do.  I would also add, "my boss" to this category.  She's incredible, understanding, a strong leader, generous, honest, and admirable.  She's my career-world role model. 

9.  The cleanliness of downtown.  Thank you, Mormon Church!

10.  Our scooters!!!  We can't take them with us because our apartment is in a very rural area.  Also, we have a small garage that won't fit much more than my car/shoes/summer or winter wardrobe/wardrobe rack/childhood memory items, etc.  We will be selling them before we leave, but I'm confident we will buy new ones one day when we're living in a downtown area again.

Okay, I'm sure there are many more, but I'm whitening my teeth and losing focus.  There are plenty of things to look forward to in Reno, but I wanted to mourn for a bit. 


  1. None of these compare to how much Utah will miss you (rather, the people in Utah). Of course your friends will still be your friends when you move, but distance changes everything and I support mourning the loss of friendships as the currently are. On the bright side, change brings new and wonderful possibilites even to old relationships. I'm so excited for you!!