Monday, November 29, 2010

"Baby, Please Don't Go...."

My best friend asked me this evening if it's getting any easier dropping Aron off at the airport when he has to leave for Reno.  The answer is..."no".  Oh, HELLLL TO THE NO.  I lol'd when she asked this because I remember the first time I took him to the airport...

Me: Welp, this sucks...
Ar: Yeah, but I'll see you SO SOON and we'll Skype and we'll live in the same state in just a couple of months
Me: *one lone tear* Yeah...I love you. 
Ar:  I love you like whoa.  I miss  you already
Me: *tear leaves face* Love you more

2nd time
Me: *tears began rolling in car*  I MISS YOU ALREADY!  CAN'T YOU JUST STAY??
Ar:  Aw, babe...I wish I could, but I will be back for Thanksgiving in 10 days.  That's it! 
Me:  Yeah, okay *hugging Aron, won't let go of his neck*
Ar:  I love you, babe.  I can't wait to live in the same state.  We won't have to do this for very long.

Me: *pulling up to terminal...tears streaming down my face*  BABY, PLEASE DON'T GOOOO!!!!
Ar:  Babe, I will be home in FIVE days.  We'll both be so busy this week and won't even realize that it's Friday! 
Me: *serious death grip around his chest...hyperventilating*  I know, but we've had so much fun and this sucks and I really want you to stay here until the wedding. 

It may not get easier, but it's going to be so worth it.  I have never been more confident in the man that I'm marrying and I am so proud of Aron.  He's the most dedicated, hard-working, intuitive, go-getter I know.  I become more and more affirmed in my decision to marry him each time we go to the airport. 

Throwback Alert:  This is our very first photo together when we started dating in 2007! 


  1. Adorable. This makes me sad for you. But wicked excited for January. Yes. Wicked, I say.

  2. I knew before I read the caption when that photo was from. :) I can't imagine how rough the distance is right now. I hope it really DOES go by quickly for you!

  3. Moving suck! Being away from people we love sucks! I'm in a bad mood about moving right now. I love you and can't wait to see you tomorrow.

  4. Ahhh. . . Some of our most productive conversations happen when I at the gym/on a treadmill. Love you!!!!