Monday, November 22, 2010

"With a Little Help From My Friends"

I've been keeping myself quite busy while Aron is in NV.  Wedding planning is really hard work.  Especially when you're using a venue that doesn't include anything.  We're basically filling a box; which is REALLY fun, but REALLY time-consuming. I've made more lists in the last two months than I have in my entire 23 years on Earth combined. 

This post is just a big shout out to the friends who have voluntarily helped me with DIY wedding projects, meltdowns and freak-outs over the last month.  You know who you are and I would be lost without you.  Friends like you make thinking about moving, even worse. 

Here are some examples of some fun wedding projects we've worked on lately:
                             I can't tell you who the cards are for, but I am loving me some Cricut action!!

                    Centerpiece flowes.  Picture them in mason jars with blue LED lights and rocks.
My favorite project so far!!  The witty wording for certain stations at the reception. 

Alls I'm screamin'- I can't wait to marry Mr. Aron Riddle in a mere 54 days!!


  1. LOVE the lettering! How adorable! What crafty friends you have!

  2. I think someone needs to just ask Santa for a Cricut for Christmas... ;)

  3. I would first request that he pay for our reception. lol